Coin System & Pricing

Crecos Coins: features a unique currency called “Crecos Coin”. This coin exists only in the sphere, and is your key to a successful experience! Let’s talk about how Crecos Coins work.

Earning Coins

Crecos Coins can be earned in numerous ways. The first method of obtaining coins is through purchasing them using your “My Wallet” tab. Just enter your Wallet and follow the instructions provided to purchase your Crecos Coins. The price of each Coin is only 0,10 €.

The second method of obtaining coins is through Request creation. Every time you successfully create a Request, 10 Crecos Coins will be added to your Wallet.

Follow these procedures to earn Crecos Coins

Spending Coins

Spending coins is required to perform certain necessary actions on These actions include creating and joining WorkGroups. Creating a WorkGroup requires a fee of 50 Coins, while Joining a WorkGroup requires a fee of 25 coins.

Creating and Joining WorkGroups are vital steps to forming contracts and ensuring that your needs are met, so be sure that you have enough coins to spend before you begin your search!

Types of transactionsRegistrationCreate requestCreate groupJoin group
Earn coins+50+10
Spend coins  



Each coin: 0,10 €