Frequently Asked Questions

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RealEstatePortal is an innovative collaboration platform for all professionals of the Real Estate sector. Using the platform you are able to create a Request regarding a property and wait for responses of professionals. The platform will suggest you the most likely best professionals for this specific Request and you will choose with whom to collaborate. A WorkGroup will start after selection is being made in which the monitoring of the Request evolves to completion.

The Request is an job assignment to a professional. You may fill the creation request form in three simple steps. In the first step you provide details about the request, for example you choose its type e.g. buying, selling, renting, evaluation e.t.c. In the second step you provide information about the property, for example its location. In the third and final step you provide contact details and an optional generic description. After creating the Request, professionals get notified and the request starts accepting Offers. The Request stops accepting offers automatically if some criteria would be met, like number of days passed since its creation or the number of Offers gathered. The creator of Request can stop it manually. After the Request has expired, its creator will be able to see the Offers and then he/she can choose the professional to collaborate with. This is the point where the WorkGroup starts, for which you may find out more in the corresponding question "What is a WorkGroup ?".

Note that the Request appears only to logged in users and not public on the Internet.

The Notification is an email notification in which you can provide criteria that match the Requests you are interested in. After a Request is created, if the criteria of the Notification match the contents of the new Request, you receive an infromational email.

The Offer is the expressed interest of a professional for a Request. During expressing this interest, somone can fill a description about the details of their Offer.

Note that the Offer appears only to the user who created the Request and neither to the rest of the users of the platform, nor publicly on the Internet.

The WorkGroup is a set of tools provided to professionals in order to accomplish their tasks organised and easily. Some collaborative tools provided are file sharing, direct communiction and contract binding (printable and digital) grouped in Stages for better monitoring. These stages appear in the right side of the screen after you select to view a WorkGroup. You may find more details for every Stage in the corresponding questions.

Note that the WorkGroup appears only to its members and neither to the rest of the users of the platform, nor publicly on the Internet.

As a professional you will participate in lots of WorkGroups and bind lots of contracts. The Templates are ready-to-use contracts that you can store and use with one click every time you will want to bind a new contract.

The Coins is the currency of the platform. You earn Points by creating Requests and consume Points by participating in a WorkGroup as a professional. You can buy Points here. If you want to read in detail about how Points work, click here.

When buying Points we issue an invoice for your purchase. At the menu item Invoices you will find the history of these invoices.

When you participate in a WorkGroup you have the ability to send a direct message to a member of it. In these messages conversation is private and does not appear to other members of the WorkGroup.

After registering to the platform, your Profile is created. If you are an individual, no other action is required. If you are a professional, in order to be able to participate in WorkGroups, you need to fill your Profile information. The Profile of a user is visible only to registered and logged in users and does not appear publicly on the Internet.

After registering, you may create a Request and wait for Professionals to send their Offers. The platform will guide you with messages on the website and by using Dashboard which is below logo.

Note that professionals can be from various sectors and from various countries.

After registering, you should update your profile and go to "Search Requests" menu in which you may express interest and send your Offer. Alternatively you can create a Request so you can accept Offers and find a Collaborator Professional.

Note that professionals can be from various sectors and from various countries. Clients can be also from various countries.

When you participate in a WorkGroup there are two ways of communication:

  • Direct private message to another member which does not appear to the rest members of the WorkGroup
  • Comments which appear to all the members of the same WorkGroup

To invite a new member in a WorkGroup, you select to view a WorkGroup and click on "Invite People" which is above the list of pictures of its members. You will need to fill in the email address of the new member and if this member is not a user of the platform, a new user will be created and notified via email. It is possible not always to see the "Invite People" link because you might not have the permission for the specific WorkGroup.

This Stage is the first stage of a WorkGroup and it is entirely informational. It consists of the Request information from which the WorkGroup was created from and the three main members, the Client, the Referral Professional and the Collaborator Professional.

The "Contracts" Stage is the second stage of a WorkGroup and the point in which the following persons come to an agreement: the Client with the Collaborator Professional and the Referral Professional with the Collaborator Professional. Each one modifies the contract and, in order for it to finalise, both persons must select the same contract revision. Using the "View Contract ..." links you modify the contracts and using the "View Contract ... Selection" links you select the revision you are satisfied with.

After the contracts have been finalised, the printable and digitally signed versions of them are created. You may find more information about them in the corresponding questions.

Note that in every WorkGroup the contracts are two and formed between two persons each. There is no contract between three persons.

The "Files" Stage is the third stage of a WorkGroup in which all members can upload and share documents and photographs. Though, approved files can only be uploaded by Collaborator Professional and all members can view them.

The "Work" Stage is the fourth stage of a WorkGroup in which helpful fields can be filled for getting the job done easier. Also, the deliverable document can be uploaded in this stage.

The "Completion" Stage is the fifth and final stage of a WorkGroup which consists of checkboxes. In order to consider a WorkGroup as completed successfully all checkboxes must be checked.

Note that you might not be able to check all checkboxes because checkbox visibility in this stage depends on the role you have for this WorkGroup. For example, a user who acts as Client in a WorkGroup, can not check that Collaborator Professional is paid.

Once the contracts of a WorkGroup have been finalised, a "Printable Contracts" heading appears below the "Add new comment" heading in the WorkGroup. They are the contracts in optimised form for printing actually.

Once the contracts of a WorkGroup have been finalised, you may go to "Contracts" Stage, click on "View Contract ..." link and you will see the "Digitally Signed Contract ..." field. A file of type *.rdsc is ready for you to download and we suggest you to do so and keep this file. This file contains all the information of your Contract encrypted and digitally signed by the platform. The Digitally Signed Contract is a means to amplify the reliability of collaboration between members. You may check the validity of a contract using the tool we provide you here.

At the "Contracts" Stage of a WorkGroup, you can click on "Contract Validator" link or here and upload the *.rdsc file to check if the file is valid or not. If it is, then the encrypted information of it will be displayed in computerised form, readable by human.

No, the platform does not operate as phonebook and there is no intention on operating as one. You may view a list of Requests or the Profile of a specific user.

If you are not a logged in user, then you can't view the list of the created Requests. Though, if you login, then you can view the list of all Requests under "Search Requests" menu.

Yes, using a browser you may login and fully use the platform which is responsive web designed.

E.P.P.A is the union of certified real estate agents in Greece. Website of E.P.P.A

C.R.E.C.O.S is a cluster of real estate coordinated services, a cluster of professionals whose professions are used in a real estate transaction. Website of C.R.E.C.O.S

RealEstatePortal is a platform that acts as an online tool for referral generation and collaboration and holds partnerships with them.

Either you want to act as an Individual or a Professional, you can register by filling the simple registration form by clicking on "Register" menu or by clicking here.

Either you accidentally filled in the "Real Estate Profession" tab on your Profile, or you no longer want to act as a Professional then follow these steps:

  1. On Dashboard go to "Edit my account" > "Real Estate Profession" and click on the "Delete this profile" button.
  2. On Dashboard go to "Edit my account" > "Personal Information" and remove all "RealEstate Services" selections under the field "Services Provided".

During registration, all users must verify their mobile number by entering the verification code they receive via SMS.

When purchasing Coins, you may fill a Bonus Coupon if you already have one. We offer Bonus Coupons at conferences and exhibitions in which we participate. We also offer them by displaying them in our website at random times.