About us

RealEstatePortal.co is a web portal for information, networking, and collaboration of all professionals involved in the integration of real estate transactions and real estate management. It is an innovative information system that creates and supports responsible B2C and B2B partnerships.

RealEstatePortal.co features

Some features of the platform:

  • Automated creation of orders and contracts.
  • Transparency and ongoing on-line monitoring of active tasks involving professionals.
  • Collecting, storing and sharing of documents and data needed to complete transactions.
  • Ability to directly assign a job to a specific professional or select the desired professional from an automated list created by the search & selection algorithm based on specific criteria.

*our professional search system is not an electronic list of names, does not advertise professionals based on the advertising fee, does not suggest the cheapest solution but presents THE BEST OPTIONS FOR EVERY CASE by applying an innovative combination of qualifications and needs.

RealEstatePortal.co includes real estate brokers, administrators, lawyers, insurers, civil engineers, tax consultants and other professionals who are open to partnerships.

Real Estate Collaboration Platform

RealEstatePortal.co supports responsible and exclusive partnerships and aims to make professionals aware of their clients' choice. For this reason, each professional profile highlights his / her particular characteristics (knowledge, skills, previous work experience, foreign languages, hobbies, and interests).