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Search and select professionals based on relevant criteria (location, expertise, experience, etc.).


Ensure and pre-arrange the commission split between the professionals co-working on the same project.


Use collaborative tools to create contracts and share documents.


Work together with other professionals on the clients' request.


Monitor the timeline and tasks completed of each request.


Receive dedicated support from our partners who are available 24/7 to help you through the process.


Collaborate with professionals and clients around the world and explore new markets.


Each real estate related project involves at least three specialties and the coordination of all actions determines the speed of completion of each request. Before submitting a request, you must register at and confirm your contact information with us. In case you are a professional and you wish, in addition to sending recommendations, to offer your services through we will help you to create a detailed professional profile. Then you can first set as a project coordinator one of the professionals who will handle your case.

Select Professionals

Using, you can invite the professionals you want to work with to track the progress of work and exchange electronic documents and case details. Assign to search by select criteria, and present you with three professionals. Then, choose the ones that will work with you. By answering the following questions, we will help you organize the working group. partners are on hand 24/7 to analyze your specific requests and respond within one hour for issues of handling confirmed requests from users.

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Join the workgroup together with other professionals and use online tools such as document sharing and contract creation.

Monitoring and finalization

Monitor the tasks and procedures up to the finalization of the project.